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    AMS allows hospitals and healthcare providers to easily manage multiple business partners in one centralized location. Take programming and heavy lifting off your to-do list.


Through a seamless exchange of data between hospitals and business partners, our C.A.S.H solution takes all the heavy lifting off your IT department by programing and maintaining the exchange of appropriate data for each business partner. New implementations are seamlessly managed by AMS giving you freedom to make changes.

Reduces costs while providing transparency and data control

360-degree view of all business partners including agency comparison reporting

Automated close & return process based on contract parameters

Specialized reporting, invoicing, and account reconciliation

The C.A.S.H Solution

The Centralized Agency Solution for Health Care (C.A.S.H) is a proprietary data management solution designed to vastly improve and simplify the exchange of data for healthcare facilities and their business partners

  • Designed to vastly improve and simplify the exchange of data between healthcare facilities and their business partners.
  • Reduces time required to manage multiple business partner interactions through meaningful reporting
  • Data is continuously analyzed for errors, cleaned, and formatted properly before it reaches systems

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