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What is Bad Debt in Healthcare and How To Reduce it?

How to reduce bad debt in healthcare

Table of Contents One of the significant challenges faced in the healthcare sector is managing write-offs or bad debt. This is a common term, but clinics running small ownership may wonder, ‘What is bad debt in healthcare?’  Denied claims, outstanding bills, unpaid bills, and unrecoverable dues impact a healthcare business’s financial resources.  According to the […]

The Role of Data Security and Privacy in Healthcare Analytics

With the power of digital evolution, organizations are becoming more data-driven. However, protection of the obtained data is not an easy feat. For instance, when you book a dental appointment, you also give healthcare organizations data regarding your dental concerns, weight, diet, and current medication.  Now, suppose there’s a data breach due to improper security, […]

Introducing Our Newest Team Members: Welcome Tibor Bajusz and Deacon Pittman

We are excited to announce the addition of two exceptional professionals to our team: Tibor Bajusz and Deacon Pittman. Both bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization, and we are confident they will contribute significantly to our continued success. Tibor Bajusz: A Veteran in Revenue Cycle Tibor Bajusz joins us with over […]

Enhancing Patient Experience with Seamless Payment Solutions

Patient payment solutions

From overseeing the treatment of patients to managing the employees, running a healthcare organization is like spinning a thousand balls. You can provide your patients with the greatest treatment possible since your revenue system is the engine that drives all the other activities. Healthcare patient payment systems that are out of date, however, might be […]

Navigating the Complex World of Patient Collections: A Deep Dive into MDS’ Innovative Approach

MDS Innovative Approach

In the intricate ecosystem of healthcare finance, mastering patient collections is both an art and a science. It demands a delicate balance between maintaining financial health and fostering positive patient relationships. Enter Medical Data Systems (MDS), a beacon of innovation in the healthcare receivables management space. With their advanced solutions and patient-centered approach, MDS stands […]

The Evolution of Medical Debt Collection: New Technologies and Approaches

The evolution of medical debt collection

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the importance of efficient medical debt collection cannot be overstated. As medical expenses continue to soar, healthcare providers and medical debt collection agencies face the daunting task of managing outstanding payments without compromising patient relationships. The evolution of medical debt collection practices, propelled by cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, […]

The Role of Technology in Medical Debt Collection

Role of technology in medical debt collection

The rapid advancements in healthcare technology require that hospitals keep up with the delivery of treatment and the technology involved to get the data required for precise and timely billing, coding, and payment submission. Medical billing mistakes, fraud, and inefficiencies that impact patients and providers may also be traced back to hospitals. Inaccurate cost estimates […]

Navigating the Complexities of Medical Revenue Services: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Providers

Medical Collections Management - Medical revenue services

In healthcare, patient well-being and financial viability intertwine, and the spotlight is increasing on the complexity of medical revenue services. Amidst the dynamic shifts in the healthcare industry, the revenue management cycle in healthcare has become a linchpin for sustainable financial health. For healthcare providers, steering through this convoluted landscape requires a keen understanding of […]

Strategies for Preventing Medical Debt in the Healthcare Industry

Medical Collections Management - Strategies for preventing medical debt in the healthcare industry

Have you ever wondered about the financial maze that medical debt causes for those who offer healthcare? As healthcare providers, you put out great effort to guarantee the health of your patients, yet you get lost in the maze of medical billing collections and the constant threat of unpaid bills. It’s a situation that many […]

The Legal and Ethical Aspects of Medical Debt Collection

Medical Collections Management - Legal and ethical aspects of medical debt collection

In the quiet corners of our lives, there exists an issue that often goes unnoticed until it emerges as a pressing concern. This matter impacts millions of individuals in the United States and worldwide – medical debt. Imagine a scenario where you receive an unexpected medical bill in the mail, from a service you had […]